Shit Skiers Say: I really wasn’t going to post this


I wasn’t planning on posting this here. I like to think of this as a family blog, not that anyone under 18 probably ever reads it. It’s the ex-high school teacher in me I suppose. But yesterday, when I rode the chairlift with two skiers (actually one was a snowboarder, but same difference) it made me laugh into my fleece collar. It was Bro-this-and-Dude-that-and-HolyShit-Bro-and-OMGDude-Did-you-see-me-send-that-shit? I-mean-I-was-seriously-killing-it.

Then I remembered this video that so many of you forwarded to me and said, “I know you can’t post this on your site, but this shit is hilarious.”

Then I got to thinking. Why can’t I post this? This shit is hilarious, and my mom is not easily offended. In fact, she taught me the s-word so I know she’s not going to stop reading this blog just because I posted this video. Mom is great that way. And anyone else out there that can’t already go purchase a ticket to a rated R movie, you don’t have to watch it. Hopefully you’ve already moved on to another site by now, if not, well, I warned you. So here it is, Shit Skiers Say:

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  1. So glad you posted it. I feel the same way about my blog. It’s supposed to be professional, and I used to teach college and felt the same way, that my behavior is being constantly monitored and some parent (or worse, department chair) was going to give me grief. This one is mostly clean fun though. Thanks for sharing.

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