Weekly High-Five Report: Crystal Skiers


It can get windy around here

Northwest skiers are pretty hardcore. The past several days have brought challenging weather conditions to Western Washington and still the skiers came up to brave the elements. Seems we just can’t get enough. On Sunday, before Rex and the Gondola temporarily went on wind hold, I stood at the top of Green Valley in 70mph winds and watched the skiers glide by in droves. Northway had just opened and epic powder awaited. But first they had to ski through a hurricane to get there.

Sunday was one of those days that skiers dream of. The morning started early with First Tracks Breakfast, where I hooked up with Ingrid, Tiana and Kerry–other ski professionals that also had the day off. We lapped Green Valley and Memorial Forest until Northway opened, then dropped into Paradise and enjoyed the deep, untracked snow.

Girls just wanna ski pow

At one point I looked around at the hoards of skiers all wearing high-tech clothing, helmets and goggles, moving through hurricane force winds to get at the powder. Later Ingrid, who skis all over the world, declared Crystal skiers as the most hardcore she’s ever come across. Other skiers, she claims, are spoiled. Here, we’re just really into it. I have to agree. These people are dedicated.

And I understand why. We have it pretty good here. The weather can be brutal, but when it’s on, there’s no place like Crystal.

So here’s to all those folks plying the windy vortex this weekend, their smiles turned to stony ice, their whoops swallowed by the wind. Bravo guys. Because when Ingrid Backstrom says you rock, then well, you pretty much do.

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  1. Yes! I was there on Sunday in high-tech shell over puffy down parka, but the fleece gator (sp?) was worthless, got wet and then frozen hard after the second run. I actually told the friend I was skiing with that it would be a good day to have a beard to protect my face against the blasting wind and snow up top. But the pow!!! Was a GREAT day. Yes, Crystal skiers are a dedicated, slightly crazy, but awesome bunch. Really.Good.Skiers.

    Now MONDAY looked like the day to get out to Southback. Could only sigh as I sat in front of the computer working and saw some shots on FB.

  2. Was there on Sunday also for Fresh Tracks. We endured the strong winds but what a reward to have Northway for ourselves when all lifts accessing Northway were temporarily closed but Northway chair was still operating. The spirits were very high on Northway chair even if the line was a bit long! I will remember this day for a long time since there has not been any other day like it since I have been skiing Crystal.

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