The Best Laid Plans


Sometimes the magic just doesn’t work.

Noone likes wind at a ski area

I expected yesterday to be a blower day–two feet of new snow with more coming in. But the only blower snow was the stuff screaming on the wind. Ski patrollers went out early to throw bombs, and we made it to the top of the mountain just in time for the winds to spike into the 50s. By the time our avalanche control teams were in place, the winds had increased to a steady howl. With winds spiking into the 80s, blowing snow and decreasing visibility, some teams couldn’t even complete their routes. The slopes that didn’t naturally slide on their own went big yesterday morning.

Then the temperatures spiked. By the end of the day, it was above freezing at the base. Fortunately that’s right about the time when the fire hose of precipitation shut off so we didn’t get any rain.

The good news is that today we are expecting a lull between storms. The upper mountain didn’t get skied yesterday and stayed cold enough to still provide some fresh lines in the more protected aspects. We hope to get everything open including Southback so that we can break up this slab before the next storm.

So do us all a favor. Come on up and ski up this new, blown-in snow for us. It beats the alternative.

You people are amazing. Thanks for commenting.

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