Feel the Weather: Today’s Adventure is Easier with Fresh Snow


Thanks Lydia and Amy over at 31 Days of Adventure for featuring me in their daily prompt. I’ve been participating in their daily adventure prompt, and I’m honored they used one of mine. Check it out below.

It’s appropriate too, since I just woke to a ringing phone telling me to get out of bed and go do avalanche control. We picked up about 7 inches of snow last night at Crystal Mountain and duty calls. Guess I’ll have the opportunity to put my prompt into practice before the sun rises.

What about you? How will you feel the weather today?

4 responses »

  1. In retrospect, I embraced the elements on my skis in the snow today, and then later walking along Ballard Avenue at the farmer’s market in the light snow feeling the cold. I thrilled to each stash of untracked fluff, and those icy patches beneath reminded me to keep loose and ready for tricky changes. Even though I should have been working, I needed to get outside. hope you weren’t sitting alone at your table of books at Alpental! I’m pretty confident not…

  2. I could sure feel the wind on my face today. Reminds me of my cold days growing up in Michigan winters. Not used to it anymore in the Pacific Northwest. Way to go Kim on being chosen for Day 15!

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