Incoming Snow: Perfect forecast for Friday the 13th


Whenever there’s a “threat” of snow in the city, everyone starts talking about skiing and mountains. Overnight the collective consciousness of the lowlands turns towards snowflakes, hot chocolate laced with Grand Marnier, and skiing. Well, maybe not everyone thinks of skiing.

But we do. And by “we” I mean us. You and me.

So, here’s my prediction for next week: Sunday it will start to snow a little–a cold teaser. It might even snow a little in the city. Most of the precip will be showers, bringing more to the mountains through orographics, but not an organized storm.

But Tuesday will bring in a wet system, and with the cold already in place, the models are calling for serious dumpage. The fire hose starts pointing at us early in the week and doesn’t let up. It even looks like California and Utah might get some of the blast.

The best day next week?

Right now, I’m rooting for Wednesday (it’s my day off, so I’m banking on it.) Take a look at the 24 hour snowfall prediction for Wednesday at 4am below. Yep. Start thinking ahead to that cold/flu thing that’s going around. You just might have to spend a sick day on the slopes in the very near future.

And just for fun, let’s see if Larry Schick agrees with Wednesday. He hasn’t put out his Powder Alert yet, and I wonder if he sees the same thing I do.

Wednesday could be THE DAY


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  1. I’m a weather nut too plus an old patroller and I agree w/ you. The only hitch in this story is the warming that will take place by Wed. which could effect the quality of snow falling at the ski areas–we’ll see.

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