Crystal Mountain Conditions Update


The outlook gets two thumbs up!

Today has been a little borderline, but it has been snowing on the upper half of the mountain most of the afternoon. Currently the temperature is down to 34 F at the base allowing for a mix of rain and snow, or what we like to call “chunky rain”. The radar shows a plume of moisture still headed our way and with the temps meant to drop even more, we’re hoping for a miraculous turnaround. And by miraculous turnaround I mean a foot of snow.

Maybe I’ll be called out early for avalanche control tomorrow morning. It’s been a while. I’m planning on going to bed early just in case the phone rings at 4am.

Update: It’s early morning and I am going out for avalanche control. We didn’t get much snow down low (an inch in the base) but did get 5″ up high with plenty of wind. Doesn’t look like today will be blower, but better than nothing.

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  1. Kim

    I think you are dreaming or wishcasting. Crystals’ telemetry says it is 35 degrees and heavy precip. at 9PM at the base and 30-31 degrees with 4″ of new on top with wind gusts to 60+. It will start snowing Friday and should be good Saturday, but it won’t be pretty at the base in the AM.

  2. Kim

    Did you read David and Chads blogs on their spactacular first summiting of Pangbuk Ri in Nepal on 10/10/11 in one 50 hr. non-stop push. Unprecedented super human feat! It’s on the Mt. Rainier climbing web page.

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