It really WILL be a white Christmas!


This right here is what I’m talking about. In case you didn’t get the memo, La Niña is coming home for Christmas. Let’s all give her a proper greeting.

Right now, the forecast is calling for mixed rain Saturday, getting colder overnight and turning to snow on Sunday. Most likely you can enjoy a proper Christmas morning, then hit the slopes as the snow begins to fall. That way you can test out all your new gear Santa brings you.

Monday looks even better with a legitimate winter storm followed by more systems stacking up in the Pacific. Just in the “Saint Nick” of time. Get it?

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  1. I’ll tell her when I see her. Hopefully there’s enough of her to go around. Are you guys still hurting as badly as before? It was painful to look at photos from Tahoe. I kept reminding myself, AT LEAST we’re open. At least we’re not Squaw.

  2. I remember back in 2010 we tried to host the winter Olympics here in Vancouver, but because el nino was here we had nothing but rain and mild weather to the point that most of us didn’t wear a jacket at all 😦

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