15 Minutes at a Time


Sunrise on Powder Bowl

Last week at the Blink Party, a man asked me a question at the end of my presentation. He wanted to know if now that my husband is well and we are back to our life at Crystal, do we still live in 15 minute increments.

A fine question.

Since my 15-minute strategy helped me get through a difficult ordeal, the real question is whether the same outlook can offer value when life doesn’t hang in the balance. And I think it can.

Living just 15 minutes at a time isn’t simply a method for getting through a hard time by breaking time down into smaller increments. It also helps you savor the good stuff. Even when life is full of what’s supposed to be the easy part, it can still be hard to slow down. The good stuff can easily be lost in the busy-ness of the to-do list and the frazzle of everyday life.

Sunset on Mt. Rainier

I believe that the universe gives us experiences in order for us to learn. But if we don’t glean anything from those lessons, we just might have to repeat them. I’ve never been one for remedial learning, and I do not want to go through what John and I did four years ago. Living life in smaller increments helps me remember to cherish what could fall through the cracks.

Besides that, a life in the mountains forces me to slow down and appreciate my surroundings. Whether the wind is lashing against the ridges or the sun is setting Mt. Rainier on fire, the view is too stunning to be ignored.

Perhaps that is why I’m still here, why the city makes me a little crazy after a while. I long for the pristine certainty of the mountains. Or maybe I just can’t stand running errands, and the mountains aren’t a place for that.

So yes, I still live life 15 minutes at a time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Great to meet you at the event last week! I’m a firm advocate of focusing on what’s happening right now, lest you miss something important. And really, right now is all and everything we have.

    I love your line: I long for the pristine certainty of the mountains…

    beautifully put and spot on. I remember as a teenager feeling cleansed and braced by the snowy mountains on Saturday mornings after partying too late and imbibing too much on Friday nights. The cold white chill of the snow-covered slopes demanded my immediate presence. Now the challenge is to carry that into everywhere I go, whether it’s a crowded parking lot at the grocery store or standing at the top of High Campbell….

  2. Beautifully stated. Taking time to notice the moments; the increments of time that create the tapestry of our lives really does help us stay in each moment and allows us to look back over our lives and be proud to remember our lives… not in a blur of years gone by, but in special, specific moments. Thanks for the very timely reminder.

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