The Four Ws Revisited


Ice-encased tree

With Thanksgiving arriving tomorrow, I’m feeling very grateful that the rain turned back to snow this morning. The weather has been pretty wild in the past 48 hours, and tomorrow another weaker system is forecast to bring more snow. If I were a betting woman, I’d put my money on Friday as the best day of the week to ski.

Today was definitely not it. While it didn’t rain all the way to the top, the conditions today redefined “Cascade Concrete;” it was thick and gluey and wet. I took a photo of a tree encased in water-ice and snow. Thankfully, after the temperature dropped, we picked up about 5″ of lighter, more skiable snow. This was on top of about 36″ of wind-blasted snow that fell (flew, blew) yesterday. Snowboarders had it much easier today.

Last night the wind blew over 100mph, but didn’t cause too much damage. It’s amazing how hardy the trees are in the mountains. A few limbs and bits of moss littered the slopes this morning, but for the most part, the landscape withstood hurricane force winds and didn’t seem much the worse for wear.

I just love the resilience and adversity of the mountains. It makes me feel stronger and more humble all at once. I’m thrilled to see the storms lining up in the Pacific. Winter is certainly here, and La Nina will do her bidding.

Tomorrow afternoon’s system should bring in another 8′ and Friday is supposed to offer a break between systems. It could be crowded, so get here early. For those of you not planning on a big turkey dinner with the fam, the slopes should be uncrowded and the snow should start falling in the afternoon. The day could end well.

See you all on the slopes.


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