Weather Report: The Four Ws

Storm Crystal

All Quiet on the Rainer Express

It’s been a wild 24 hours here at Crystal. According to the telemetry, we’ve picked up 3.7 inches of water in the last 24 hours and most of that fell as snow above the base area. John and I drove in a snowcat this afternoon up to the Campbell Basin Lodge and found 36″ of new snow. The snow was quite dense–great for base building, but not necessary for skiing. Now, the temperature and wind have spiked again. It’s raining in the base and gusting to 100mph at the Summit. The power was out for a while but has come back on.

We call it the Four Ws: Wild, wet, windy and wacky. It’s the perfect Cascade storm. My fingers are crossed that we wake to cooler temps by morning.

If anyone is wondering when to come skiing, my bet is on Friday. Temperatures are supposed to cool tomorrow and another storm is set to arrive on Thursday. Friday provides a break between systems, so I’ll see you on the slopes. And a much improved slope it will be–this snow has already packed in around the rocks and creeks. We’ll be up to full operations in no time.

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