NWCN Television Interview


If you missed my interview yesterday on Northwest Cable News, here it is. In addition to talking about my book, I also reminded skiers and snowboarders how to ski safely this winter. The old maxim, “No friends on a powder day,” might need to change. In deep snow conditions, your friends could save your life. Just saying. Click on the video below to play. And notice that under my name it reads “Crisis Expert”. Who knew??

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    • Alex,
      I have seen your comments about flying. You and John should swap stories. I have some great photos of our Beaver. John flies it up to our floating fishing cabin in B.C. and keeps it tied up right to the house. It’s pretty awesome. I loved the video you sent me of the plane that has fold-up wings. It looks innovative but also scary. I’m not sure I’d ever want to get in one of those things. I’d be too afraid the wings would fold mid-flight!

      • I rode in a Mitlitary PBYand Grummin Goose Ampthibian ,only way to get to my Logging camp in Sitka. Looks like you have lot of adventuress to share ? Rode the “Gun” and Mike and Andrea skied The Valley. I visited With Tiana ,Kalala,Rory,Ty anderson,Liz Enger ,et el. TTYL Kim thanks for reading my ramblin.

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