Gearing up for Ski Season



Last week, the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol conducted our yearly pre-season training. For a job that requires plenty of outside activity, the rigors of training include sitting inside when the first snowfall of the season has blanketed the base area and the surrounding peaks are finally pasted in snow. It wasn’t always easy to pay attention inside when the scenery outside was calling. But we managed.

Chair Evacuation Practice

Towards the end of the week, we got outside and practiced evacuating chairs and other rescue scenarios. Fortunately, the weather held for a crisp and sunny first day on “the slopes”.

Higher up on the mountain, the snow-making system has already started pasting glorious base-building snow across the top

It's snowing in Green Valley

of Green Valley. In the evenings after training, my husband and I rode the gondola to check out the progress. After only ten hours

Green Valley gets plastered

of “blowing snow” the top of Greenback is already pasted with two feet of bullet proof base. John plans to open Crystal for skiing as soon as possible. And by as soon as possible, he means about 16 inches of snow.

Looking ahead at the forecast, that 16 inches could happen sooner than later. Take a look at the Extended GFS 12km models from University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences page below for two weather systems moving in this weekend. It shouldn’t be long now. Be sure to follow this page for updates.

Friday into Saturday

Saturday into Sunday

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  2. YAY!! I am so excited for this years season, I have a feeling it is going to be EPIC!
    I am working on an AT setup this season, got the Scarpa Diva boots for a great deal from Second Ascent in Ballard ($250!) and I have some BD Joule skis and Mr Wonderful is buying me my bindings for christmas along with my seasons pass to Meadows. I just can’t wait! The mountains are my true home and this is where I do the most healing, in the snow, at elevation, hanging out with the camp robbers and marmots and solitude and peacefulness of the mountains being blanketed by pristine, glorious snow! Jeff is even going to try to get a job as a ski instructor this year at Meadows! I think he will be great at it! We are going to try to make it up to Crystal this year to see everyone again and I would love to have an apres ski gingerale with you and John. Let it snow! Please give yourself a giant hug for me and John too! Many blessings of health and happiness to you!
    Cancer Can Suck It!

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