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It Can Be a Bit of a Slog

Just in case you aren’t tired of me yet, here’s two links to some lovely recent press. I’ve been getting around lately. A marketing friend of mine recently told me that people need to hear about my book 5 times before they take action. And by take action, I mean buy the book people. So I’ll be over here beating my drum until it turns into a dead horse. Either that or my book gets on the bestseller list. Whichever happens first. And now for the press:

Heidi Cave invited me to guest post about Finding Inspiration over at her blog Fancy Feet. The thing is that Heidi is pretty darn inspiring herself. When I met her this summer, I had no idea the ordeal she’d been through. You would never know, just looking at her, that she’d been pulled from a burning car crash, lost her legs and spent two weeks in a coma. This is a gal who knows that when the shit hits the fan, you have to really dig deep. I mean, really deep. So when she asked me over to her space, I was honored. You can check out my post and her blog at

Over at Nurse Talk Radio, where “laughter is the best medicine,” I spoke with Dan and Casey about my life as a ski patroller, John’s illness and getting through it fifteen minutes at a time. I enjoyed talking to two nurses who understood what I meant when I referred to Primary Schlerosing Cholangitis and knew why Pancreatitis is so damn painful. I felt like I was talking to the inner circle. We EMTs like to think we’re in the inner circle of medical personnel, and this interview played right into that illusion. You can check out my interview on Nurse Talk here.

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  1. Kim, Well done. The Fancy Feet blog is very inspiring and you are so right about her courage, as well. The Nurse Talk interview was terrific and I enjoyed hearing how you can have an impact for those going through a crisis such as the one you and John experienced.

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