Weather Forecast Looking Up


The National Weather Service has issued a “Special Weather Statement”, forecasting the first in a series of cold pacific storms headed this way. Temperatures are set to plummet this week, and a nice pattern is setting up in the Pacific, bringing arctic air along with ocean moisture to the Pacific Northwest and especially the Cascades.

Click to see the loop

Around our house, when we speak in reverent tones of The Pattern, this is what we’re talking about. Notice how the off-shore high pressure both blocks the warm air from the tropics and ushers the arctic moisture towards the Cascades. This is what we like to see.

Any predictions? When do you think we’ll be skiing at Crystal this season?

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  1. yeaaaaaaa! without checking webcams or anything and not being that savvy about the new snowmaking @ Crystal, I’ll guess….by T-Day weekend for sure, but hoping the weekend after next? I won’t be able to get up until T-Day weekend regardless though. Dang, haven’t hiked in almost a month now though. Need to get back to the gym.

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