Live Radio Interview Tonight


Just in case you find yourself in front of a radio tonight at 11pm Pacific Time, tune into the Jordan Rich show. You can even listen live from your computer. Just click the “Listen Live” button at the top of the above. This show is out of Boston, so I’ll be talking live to a very late East Coast. But hey, not everybody sleeps.

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  1. Hi Kim, noticed your comment in the forum, i would make a lot less categories and more tags up to a total of ten, people search for tags.
    Also, move your blogroll into a page like mine and others have it, it cleans your page up.
    And move your search to the very top.
    If that’s ok, let me know when you do it and i’ll come back, Harry

      • Ok Kim, open a new page and make it private ( top right )
        Type Women Skiing and then high-light it, click link ( its a chain ) fill out the 3 parts to the form and that’s it.
        Its slow work one at a time, you could maybe shorten some of the others.

        • Harry,
          That’s how I set up the blogroll in the first place. But in order to get it to show up on a separate page, rather than in the sidebar, I had to cut and paste. We’ll see if that works very well. It feels a little clunky. Thanks for the feedback, though.

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