Weekly High-Five Report: Hendrix Music Academy


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Tina Hendrix, niece of Jimi Hendrix and founder of the Hendrix Music Academy. By all rights, Tina never should have gone to college. According to her, she should have ended up in jail or worse, dead. At 18 years old, she found herself at Harborview, suffering from a gunshot wound. She realized that if she was going to make something of herself she needed to put herself through college.

But it wasn’t until a few years ago that she realized her true calling. Tina claims that she made it through her tumultuous years with the help of others. Now she wants to pay it forward to a new generation of at-risk youth. According to her website, the mission of the Hendrix Music Academy is to “provide music education, intervention, and mentoring programs to at-risk youth, so that they can achieve their highest potential as musicians, leaders, and global citizens.”

With a variety of free music programs (from rock to rap to summer camps) Tina’s academy is saving lives. She wants to take the guns out of kids hands and replace them with guitars. And that’s exactly what she’s doing. One kid at a time. Currently she’s servicing about 30 students, with an additional 30 more on the waiting list. Her goal is to get those kids off the waiting list and into the music programs. Check out her website for how you can help.

To celebrate Jimi’s 69th Birthday, some of her students will be performing at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe on November 27th. Check it out.

High-five Tina!


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