Marmot “Backyards” Series


You know how when you buy a new, previously obscure, brand of ski pants, and all of a sudden everyone seems to be sporting the same brand? Call it synchronicity or selective attention, or perhaps even Red Car Syndrome (where you buy a new red car, drive it off the lot, and see a whole slew of the exact same car).

For a moment there, you might even think you conjured these identical examples out of thin air. And then you ask yourself just who you think you are kidding.

That’s precisely how I felt when I sat down to watch the new Futuristic Films/Marmot short series, “Backyards”, which follows Marmot-sponsored athletes into their ski areas to showcase their lives on and off the mountain.

In the first of this three-part series, Mike Leake of Grand Targhee ski patrol, shows Pip Hunt around his home mountain. I think Futuristic Films is onto something here.

Watch Part 2 and Part 3 by clicking on these links. So what do you think? The athletes aren’t going that big, but the soul is there. These are real skiers having an authentic ski town life.

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  1. “Backyards” hits the heart of skiing. It’s everyday people enjoying the best of what backcountry skiing is all about

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