Downhill Affair: A Love Story


A few days ago, I beseeched ski film makers to tell us a story; to give us compelling characters and a narrative arc, to offer more than a reprise of the past decade in cliff-jumping and booter-hitting. Looks like filmmakers Sam Giffin and Ryan Fenson-Hood are already there. In their short film “Downhill Affair: A Love Story“, two professional skiers, Molly Baker and Zach Giffin, must balance two love affairs; their love of skiing, and their love of one another.

Skiing brought them together, but their diverging goals might pull them apart. Baker muses that dreams are mutable. Once you reach your dream, turns out it’s changed. Skiing dreams are often as capricious as fresh snow. This film reminds me of a Raymond Carver short story–filled with searing images and tight dialogue, and leaving the viewer a little perplexed.

Watch the movie, which has been nominated for the Banff Film Festival, below. For more information, check out Outdoor Research.


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  1. I watched that yesterday. Very touching and a lovely couple. I hope they stay together… they look like they were made for each other. I hope Zack gets a little more perspective as although skiing is the very, very important…. finding a soul mate is worth a little compromise.

  2. I’ve always struggled with the danger concept. If something is that dangerous, why do it? But if we all felt that way, we wouldn’t have explorers, inventers, conquerers, and innovation. It does seem like a relationship adds another element of influence to ones life, one more person’s opinion to consider in each decision. I like the cadance and cinematography of this doc, the sense of the real people behind the fantastic skiiers. Thanks for sharing Kim!

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