Weekly High Five Report: Solar Pie


Let’s face it. Global warming is going to kick our ass. I’m not just talking about the ski industry here, people. I’m talking about every last. one. of. us.

That’s why when I met Carolyn and Scott Sherwood last week, I wanted to spread their message of solar goodness. Several years ago the Sherwoods installed 18 solar panels on the roof of their Seattle home. As cloudy as Seattle is (on average we get 3.5 hours of sun a day), the Sherwood’s roof creates 4000 kilowatts hours per year.

Scott and Carolyn know their solar roof isn’t going to change the world. But if more people installed solar panels on their roofs, then we might put the hurt to this global warming thing. They realized that to spread the message of solar panel effectiveness, they had to put it right in people’s face. Here’s what they did:

What if we could work with a building owner to install solar panels on a roof that everyone could see? And, what if we could display exactly how much electricity that roof was generating… minute-by-minute, twenty-four hours a day. That roof could teach an entire city about how safe, clean and renewable solar energy is.

So we looked for a roof that could be seen by thousands from a high-traffic freeway. Then we approached the owners of that roof and shared our idea. They agreed to help us change the world. And … Solar Pie became a reality.

But that was just the first step. We’re working to facilitate building a solar roof in the most visible spot in every major American city.

They installed solar panels on the roof of Seattle’s Pemco building and now broadcast the energy output to all who drive by. Even here, where the sun shines only for a few brief months and hides away behind the clouds, the panels produce enough energy to run a house. Just imagine if we all had the Sherwood’s vision and drive.

High-five Solar Pie! Check out more on the Solar Pie Website.

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