Book Launch Day


Today is the day.

The Next 15 Minutes is now IN STOCK and available for purchase. I think I’ll go over to my local bookseller (or two or three) and just gaze at it on the shelf.

In case you’re still on the fence, and aren’t sure if you want to buy the book, have I mentioned that Ingrid Backstrom wrote the foreward? Or that the book opens with a scene of me throwing explosives out of a helicopter.

Just saying.

Here’s what others have said about it:

“When I read memoirs or listen to a speaker, I want to learn and I want to be inspired.  Kim and John’s story does both.  Everyone has a story to tell and Kim tells their’s well.  Kim and John’s lives will inspire all readers and allow us to pull lessons learned from their lives and struggles.  We as reader gains strength and hope through the sharing of their story.” Phil Ershler, AMGA Certifitied Alpine Guide and author of Together on Top of the World

“Kim’s positivity and grace under pressure is incredibly inspirational.  Her story is a joy to read, and it reminds all of us to get outside with the ones you love.” Ingrid Backstrom, Professional Skier

“As a transplant surgeon, I witness the immense physical and psychological challenges facing patients with a life-threatening illness. Ms. Kircher weaves her experience as a ski patroller high in the Cascade Mountains with the current battle against her husband’s liver disease with intense emotion and heart-wrenching detail. As she draws on her prior high-adrenaline experiences to face the current challenge of her husband’s illness and pending transplant, it leaves the reader feeling breathless, as if they are standing on the edge of the mountain with both husband and wife…This book is a fascinating memoir for any reader, and especially one who may be in the midst of or recovered from their own major adversity.” Julie Heimbach, Transplant Surgeon, Mayo Clinic

The Next Fifteen Minutes is a profoundly courageous and honest exploration of Kim and John Kircher’s journey together during John’s nearly fatal battle with liver cancer.  Their lives together in the mountains they love so much are the backdrop, and the lessons Kim has learned as a professional ski patroller give her the strength to make it through a harrowing year.” Dan Nordstrom, President and Owner of Outdoor Research

“In the year leading up to her husband’s liver transplant, Kim Kircher triumphs over the long wait and harrowing diagnosis by drawing lessons from her life in the mountains. As a ski patroller, she witnesses tragedy and triumph, dark storms and sparkling beauty, and learns how to fight for her husband’s life, offering him the support and partnership necessary to weather the storm.” Chris Klug, professional snowboarder, Olympic medalist, liver transplant recipient, author of To the Edge and Back: My Story from Organ Transplant Survivor to Olympic Snowboarder

So get out there and buy the book already.

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  1. Congratulations to you! The feeling of being published must be amazing.
    I finished the book. Definitely a 5 star story. Kim, you reached so deep to write it, to live it. I’m filled with respect and admiration.

    • Vicki! Thank you. I’m glad you liked the book. At times it wasn’t easy to write, but it took on a life of its own. Plus, reliving the ordeal actually helped cement the lessons I’d learned.

  2. Bought the book last night and read it in one sitting. Very good writing and emotionally honest.
    I really enjoyed it.
    When I see you at the ski hill I’m always going to look at you and John differently now because you’ve given me a glimpse of your inner lives.

    • Wow Chris. You read it in one sitting? That has to be a record. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for commenting here. To think my book is actually getting out there in the world and touching people is quite remarkable. Can’t wait for the snow to fly.

  3. Congrats Kim…going out to buy mine now. My pub. date is April 3rd! Yikes! It’s great to follow in your footsteps. Perhaps you could do a lesson on my blog for promotional purposes. Let me know! ^_^! Katherine Jenkins from Lessons from the Monk I Married

  4. congratulations! going to try to find in my local bookstore or order when I get home. can’t wait to read. in the meantime, arrivaderci from glorious Italy!

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