Weekly High Five Report: Cycle the WAVE–Making a Difference in Domestic Violence


This week’s high-five report goes out to the Cycle the WAVE Team (Women Against Violence Everywhere) for the awesome fund raising and empowering spirit the Cycle the WAVE Team and the Lakemont Ladies Cycling Club have brought to women and young ladies who have experienced violence and abuse.

Cycle the WAVE, held Sunday September 18th, is a non-competitive, women’s cycling experience created as a venue for women of all ages and fitness levels to experience camaraderie and increase awareness, inspire fitness, instill hope and help support domestic violence programs. Women are able to ride a variety of lengths to support three different Washington state area domestic violence programs.

The event was created by women passionate about cycling, friendship, fitness, and the desire to “brake the cycle” of domestic violence and make a difference in their community.

In its fourth year, the event raised $130,000. Proceeds support the services that Eastside Domestic Violence Program (EDVP), DAWN and New Beginnings provide to affect change for domestic violence in our communities.

The ride this year was supported by 158 volunteers (Lakemont Ladies CC, Lakemont Men CC, EDVP and many independents – daughters and sons who just want to help and be a part of the phenomena). 51 Sponsors include REI, Therapeutic Associates, Tutta Bella, Luna Chix, Whole Foods, Dave’s Breads, Veloce Velo, Bicycle Adventures and many others.

I want to give a HIGH FIVE to All the Riders, Volunteers and Cycle the WAVE Team for their outstanding efforts to make a difference in our local Northwest communities.

There’s even a video (they even have their own song!) about the event:

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  1. This is a terrific ride. There is a route for every type of rider ability. It is well supported, has good food and riding with just the girls is fun. I would encourage any woman from beginning rider or hard core to participate. You won’t be disappointed. Rain or shine and I have done both, it is a ride worth being a part of. Hope to see you out there next year Kim 🙂

  2. Love love love reading and seeing and getting inspired by this. Thank you for sharing and THANK YOU to Cycle the WAVE team for doing what y’all do. You Rock!

  3. Kim, thank you for blogging the WAVE!

    The Cycle the WAVE ladies have done an awesome job – fundraising and empowering others. As a volunteer, it is very rewarding and fun to see and experience the enthusiasm generated by everyone involved – riders, organizers and volunteers. Can’t wait for WAVE 5 – 2012!

    Rick R – 4th year WAVE Volunteer

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