When do YOU think we’ll be skiing this season?


For those of you starting to place bets on the first day of skiing this year, I thought I should pass on some vital information. I’ve already posted Larry Schick’s awesome prediction for the winter (hint: he’s calling for another good one!) as well as NOAA’s official La Nina advisory.

This could be you

But there’s one more vital piece of information that you might not know about, especially if you live in the PNW. Crystal Mountain has a secret weapon. Snowmaking.

For those of you from anywhere else besides the PNW, this might seem a little ho-hum. Snowmaking, you say? So what.

Well, our new snowmaking system runs along the top of Green Valley, blowing hard, dense snow over the ridge. Since the GV ridge is often the achilles heel keeping us from opening, this blanket of early snow will allow us to open earlier. No one necessarily likes to ski on manmade snow. But it makes a killer base.

So, while we might only be offering a single ribbon of snow for the early season diehards, it will be skiing. And it could happen early. Some of the higher-ups at Crystal (including the one I’m married to) are saying we might be open by Halloween.


I, personally, would love to open before ski patrol training, which is the first week in November. Not that I don’t LOVE the week of training, but it’s always a very good sign if we’re open by then. Just saying.

I’m planning on doing an opening day contest over at www.blogcrystal.com, and I want to give you all the most information possible. Consider this your heads up.

Oh. And you might want to get those skis tuned up. Just in case.

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    • Hope to see you up at Crystal this season. I might be a little biased, but it’s by far the best ski area in the state. And we have excellent sidecountry and plenty of backcountry right from the parking lot.

  1. Dang, that almost makes me want to pay a visit from California, where I think we’ll be waiting a while longer before making the first turns of the season.

  2. In the PNW skiing is never actually closed. I was on the summit of Mt Adams yesterday and could have skied from the false summit (11,300) down to our campsite at 7000 ft. (I got talked out of taking my skis by some of my friends). But I saw (a patch of) skiable snow in Avalance Basin on Friday morning and skied in the shadow of Three Way Peak on August 19. I know, I know, you are talking about “lift served” skiing and powder not corn (or ice or whatever that stuff was). But for those of us who truly live for skiing, and I count myself in that group, you can do it all year long here.

    For my senior year in high school, 40 years ago now, I skied Green Valley on Haloween day. It would be truly great if I could do that again this year. Here’s hoping that John is right. I could use a powder fix.

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