The Art of Flight: Best Snowboarding Movie Ever


Saturday night John and I attended the West Coast Premiere of The Art of Flight, presented by Red Bull Media House. Filmed with a Cineflex camera system, the cinematography in this film is pretty amazing.

The film follows Travis Rice and a group of hand-picked athletes in search of endless lines, great light and epic terrain. While they find all these, most importantly they have fun doing it. These guys are stoked. And with several thousand spectators cramming McCaw Hall to capacity, the mood of the night was Bring it on!

If you didn’t go to the premiere, here’s the trailer. If you’re not fired up after watching this, then maybe you need to switch sports.

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  1. I remember when I first saw this trailer. It’s been a number of winters since I’ve snowboarded with any regularity, and I’m seriously feeling the pull to get back at it. I can’t wait to see the film. I’m glad to hear it lived up to the awesome of the trailer.

  2. The premier was so awesome! Seeing T. Rice and all the guys that made the movie standing on stage was also quite excellent. It’s nice to see the riders and filmers backing their product in person!

  3. I CAN’T wait to watch the whole thing! From the little clips here and there that I’ve seen of it, just the soundtrack itself is incredible. I hope that people who don’t ski/snowboard or live around this culture can watch this and appreciate it!

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