Boyne Mountain Skiing, Circa 1979


My husband, John Kircher, was steeped in the ski industry early on at Boyne Mt. in Northern Michigan. His father built the ski area, and John’s first home was one of the hotel rooms at the base of the lifts. Not long ago videographer Barry ZeVan sent me some vintage footage from Boyne Mountain. The hotel that John first lived in is shown here.

I especially love the ballet and the mogul skiers in the video. In 1979, I was only nine years old and any kind of skiing was good skiing. But I was especially taken with ballet skiers. It sounds ridiculous now, but I often practiced lifting one ski and trailing it behind me like a ballerina. More often then not, this move resulted in a face plant, with snow smeared under my goggles and down my pants. In the end, I was relieved when this trend ran its course.

Check out this great vintage footage of John’s home, his father, Everett Kircher, and the ski area where it all started.

For more information about the making of this film, contact Barry Zevan at bnz1(at)aol(dot)com.

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  1. I’m from Michigan and Boyne Mountain was my first ever ski. It was around 1979, although maybe a couple years earlier, when we were there with my family, visiting my aunt who worked at the resort, I think as a cook and housekeeper. My aunt’s name was Annette Washburn (Burton). Wow, it’s a small world. We stayed in an A-frame chalet with my cousins, watching “Painting with Bob Ross” for the first time on pubic television in our down time. I think it was the only channel the TV picked up on the rabbit ears. It was because of my stay there that A-frames conjur a special feeling today.

    What I remember is that we spent a long time (for a kid) getting fitted for ski’s, then we went to the kiddy hill. I went down once poorly, and then spent the rest of our time trying to get back up the hill on the rope tow. Back then, it was o.k. to leave your kids to their own devices so I didn’t have any guidance except from the rope tow operator. I don’t think I ever made it up to the top of the kiddy hill again because I kept falling off the tow or burning my wrist on the tow rope. Not much of a first ski experience, but memorable nonetheless.

    • Great footage! I started skiing there in the late 60’s. Recall sliding off the triple or quad chair, dangling by one arm, before being hauled in by a seat mate. Spent summers at Burt Lake and skied Boyne Highlands, Nub’s Nob as well. Long car ride from Chicago – are we there yet!

  2. I love the video!!!

    Brings back some great memories of Boyne, Boyne Highlands and northern Michigan. Looking forward to sharing this with other friends who skied Boyne in the 60’s and 70’s and raced in CUSSA.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks, Kim. It was fun to shoot and produce this film. John’s father, Everett, became a great friend, and was truly a pioneer in the ski industry, as reflected in my copy and narration. THANK you for addiging it to your great site. All best wishes. Barry ZeVan

  4. Kim,
    Have you noticed that Jeld-Wen Corp which owns Silver Mtn in Kellogg, Idaho may be
    filing for bankruptcy?? Have you skiied there before?? Access is great. They are only 1/4 mile
    off interstate 90 with vast areas of privately held skiable terrain ( not forest service owned). It is
    also a 4 season resort with substantial real estate holdings (they have over 200 acres already
    purchased for a new base outside of town). They want to sell the ski area and a fire sale may
    be looming if they have to declare bankruptcy.

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