The French Riviera: Weekly High-Five Report


Vacations are full of high-fives–from finding the right bus, to opening your door to a beautiful hotel room, to getting an upgraded train ticket. Since John and I just returned from France, I’m dedicating this weekly high-five report to us.

Eze Village, Kim Kircher, French Riviera

The Medieval Village of Eze

After we left Chamonix, which I wrote about yesterday, we drove to the Cote d’Azur and stayed in an honest-to-God medieval village called Eze. It’s been around since 2000 BC and it’s the real deal. Built on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean, Eze is a labyrinth of narrow streets and impossibly quaint doorways that once housed the King of Sweden. In fact, I’m pretty sure he lived in our hotel room. It was that spectacular.

The moment of high-five came when we were seated for dinner that first night. The dining room is really an old cave perched above the sea, with a small balcony just big enough for a table for two. Guess you got that table? Needless to say, we high-fived the moment we sat down.

Chateau Eza Kim and John Kircher, Cote D'Azur

Just you, me and the wine-dark sea

A few days later, when our plane landed in SeaTac, a voice on the intercom interrupted the usual scramble for the overhead bins. We were being held on board until immigration cleared. Four international flights had just arrived. Somehow, John and I were at the front of the line of disembarkers, and when we arrived in Customs, we followed the arrows to the Global Entry Kiosk. We’d used our Nexus cards before traveling along the border between U.S. and Canada, but had never used them at the airport. What would have taken at least 90 minutes took us 5. We could hardly believe our luck. We high-five in the speedy train to the main terminal.

Usually, when a traveler returns to Seattle after a long flight, the immediate cold temperature is a shock. Not yesterday. It was actually warm–over 80 degrees. When I got home, Evelyn and I decided to go for a swim in the lake. We scrambled into our bathing suits, ran down to the dock and counted to three. Before we jumped, we pinky-sweared that we wouldn’t chicken out. No fakies, we said. One, two, three, and we jumped. I’d been awake for nearly 20 hours by that point and the cool embrace of Lake Washington buoyed me. Evelyn raised her hand out of the water and smiled. High-five!

What about you? What did you high-five about this week?

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  1. I love the pure awesomeness of your recent high-five moments. :0)

    My personal high-five for this week was showing up for—and completing—two big (back-to-back) races I’d signed up for months ago but couldn’t train well for due to injury. It wasn’t pretty at all, but crossing that finish line the second day felt amazing! I am officially a Pike’s Peak doubler! :0)

  2. Welcome back to the Northwest! Great shot of you and your handsome husband, what a lovely experience. I’ll have to figure out that Nexus card for my trip to Italia in September.
    My high-five: a clean mammogram yesterday. No, I’ve not had breast cancer, but I am at a more than double risk than normal because of my family history (sister, she’s fine, caught it way early) and not having kids.

    Back to work, much more fun reading your cool blog but work calls…

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