Pavement Sliding


Let’s face it. Sliding on pavement, whether on a skateboard, longboard, hamboard, spaghetti board, you name it, is not quite as graceful and amazing as sliding on snow. Snow is the ultimate sliding surface.


While I’ve always loved to cruise on a skateboard, I’ve never mastered the jib-inducing style required in a concrete world. You can’t carve down a street on a skateboard, not if you live in Washington State, where the cities roll upward into foothills and then peaks and volcanoes like God threw off the sheets after a good night’s sleep and simply let them lay crumpled across the landscape.

But it’s summer time, the snow has mostly melted and if I really want to slide, I have to travel to another continent, climb a volcano for some sastrugi or simply slide on concrete.

So when I saw this video on, I had to check it out. Now this is what I’m talking about.

2011 Pro Team Trip in California – Part 1 from Freebord Mfg. on Vimeo.

A few years ago I met a guy with a prototype of one of these. He was cruising down the street in front of REI and stopped to talk to me. He even let me try it out. Basically it’s a skateboard that carves and turns like a snowboard, allowing the rider to “carve” by using a third set of wheels attached the the trucks. It’s innovative and pretty awesome.

And while riding a freebord is not quite as graceful as arcing through snow, and hopefully you aren’t going to get the concrete equivalent of a face shot, you have to admit, this does look pretty cool.

Check them out at the freebord website.

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