Weekly High-Five Report


Last week I urged you, dear reader, to reach out and high-five someone. Thank you for sharing your awesome feats and moments of high-fiveability. With all that feedback, I’ve decided to make a weekly high-five report, checking in with photos, videos and my recommendations for finding high-fiveability in your life. These weekly posts are a bit of an experiment, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes. I will share tips for trying new sports, offer links to worthwhile blogs and websites that are being awesome, provide travel ideas, give weather tips and anything else I find high-fiveable. I also encourage suggestions. This is a chance to promote your little corner of the high-fiving world. You can either comment below or go to the “Contact” page above and shoot me an email directly. I love getting emails about this blog, but not spam, so obviously you need to take away the parenthesis in the email address.

Here’s a video of athletes doing some of the most high-fiveable feats on the planet. My palms went wet and itchy just watching this. Aptly, this video posted on YouTube by the band Hadouken, is called “People are Awesome”. Indeed!

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  1. Thanks for that fun video, Kim. I’m amazed at what the human body can do, and we keep pushing the boundaries farther and farther. Sometimes I wish I’d gotten obsessed with dancing or skiing when I was much younger… who knows what might have happened? I was convinced early by the women in my family that because I had asthma I should avoid excessive exertion. Yet, since I was 15, the only asthma attacks I’ve had were induced by chemicals or my husband frying hot peppers in our kitchen. As you know, I’ve since done plenty of distance running, skiing, high altitude hiking, swing dancing, and more. Never say never.

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