My Tender Side is not a Weakness


Thanks to (All the News that’s Fit to Link) for posting my article “My Tender Side is not a Weakness”.

Just saying that out loud is a confession of sorts for a woman making her way in the world of big mountains and bigger egos. You don’t always have to be tough to be strong.

My dad taught me how.

Check out the article here.

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  1. This was a great glimpse at a common issue. Life and my profession have tried really hard to knock the (girlie) feelings out of me; somehow they never went all the way away. I can tell you as a female attorney in a niche still dominated by men, I frequently struggle with the balance of how much to let the lid off of my “feminine” empathetic side while maintaining the “masculine” appearance of professionalism and logic that is required in the legal arena. In my work, I am a decision maker in legal disputes where the sides have significant personal investment and strong disagreement. I have to hold the space for both feelings and the rule of law, so everyone has their position acknowledged and the correct outcome is reached. This has stretched and grown me more as a person than any other aspect of my work. My tender side is not a weakness, either. Thanks for saying so, Kim. [PS – I think men face this problem, too, from the opposite side of the judgment aisle.]

    • Sharon,
      Thanks for your comment. I knew I clicked with you for a reason. And you’re right. Both men and women struggle with this. That’s what makes my dad such a great role model–he showed me a way to express both sides of myself without compromising either.

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