South American Beacon Project


Spearheaded by ski patroller, Alex Taran, the goal of the South American Beacon Project is to raise awareness and education about avalanche terrain and the use of avalanche beacons. The project hopes to collect old beacons and send them to avalanche professionals working in the Andes who need them. They also hope to provide free avalanche education to both professionals and recreational skiers and riders.

This is a great project, and one worthy of your attention. The Andes are big mountains with big consequences. The founder of the project, Alex Taran, was a ski patroller in La Parva, so her experience is firsthand.

To raise funds, the SABP plans to utilize donations, sponsorships and fundraising events, with their first event in Big Cottonwood Canyon, The Epic Pig Roast and Local Band Benefit Concert, this Sunday, July 10th, from 1:30pm – 7:30pm.

Check out their website and facebook page for more details.

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