Summer Skiing


Green Valley July 2nd

I love summer skiing. The air is warm, the snow is soft and forgiving, and even when a line forms at the bottom of the only running chairlift, everyone seems happier and less frenzied than winter-time skiing. Yesterday at Crystal, with picture perfect weather, over a thousand people came up to enjoy the view. Some skied in Green Valley, while others found a spot on one of the green “euro chairs” and soaked in the vista and the vitamin D–two things we haven’t seen in the PNW since last summer. It was glorious.

Barbie and Ken catch some rays

Plenty of bikinis and shirtless guys could be found on the mountain yesterday. I ran into Barbie and Ken on the plaza, and they were having a great time.

We don’t know how long the snow will last, now that summer is officially here. We are opened for skiing today and tomorrow (what a great way to celebrate the 4th of July!). Then, we will be open next weekend for sure, and hopefully the weekend after that. From there, we will have to cross our fingers. The gondola will be open daily for scenic rides.

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  1. Although Kirkwood ski resort is making big plans for summer-like activities there will be a winter-like atmosphere this weekend when the popular Lake Tahoe area resort is open for skiing and snowboarding..Theres still plenty of snow at Kirkwood so much that mountain biking isnt available yet. But the slopes will open both Saturday July 2 and Sunday from 7 30 a.m.

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