Skiing on the 4th of July


The weather forecast is looking up. Fireworks stands are popping up in Safeway parking lots. Bags of charcoal, stacks of paper plates and hamburger buns are flying out of the grocery stores. It can be just one thing: 4th of July weekend is coming.

Mt. Rainier from the top of the Gondola

How about something a little different this year to celebrate our country’s independence and the freedom to skyrocket colorful explosives into the night sky? How about, instead of the traditional backyard BBQ, going skiing instead?

That’s right. Crystal Mountain is still open for skiing. We will be open Saturday through Monday for downhill skiing. The gondola is also open every day for sightseeing. And if you haven’t been up there yet, it’s definitely worth the trip. The vista from the top of the gondola is spectacular. Just think of the Christmas card photo you can get with your

Another enthusiastic skier

family. And the views of Mt. Rainier. And the chance to shuss down into Green Valley on perfect corn. Plus, with mountain temps in the high 50s and low 60s and sunny skies predicted for this weekend, you can ski in your hawaiian shirt. And you cut-offs. Or even your bikini for those truly adventurous types.

So forget the backyard and instead ring in the celebration on the slopes.


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  1. I suggested to a non-skier friend that she take her family visiting from Hawaii up to CM. She gave me rave reviews about the wonderful time they had. She said even if not all the mountains were out (but they were) just the ride on the gondola would have been worth it. They had lunch and felt it was a bit “pricey” but was good. What a fun different place for someone who’s never been, you can not see Mt. Rainier from a more beautiful place. Those that have there NEVER get tired of it!

    • Joann,
      Isn’t it great to see someone ride the gondy for the first time? I love seeing their faces as we get to the top and the view opens up to the Cascades and Olympics across Puget Sound. And I know what you mean about never getting tired of the view. This is evidenced by my collection of snapshots taken over the hears of the mountain. It never gets old.

  2. Kim you do a good job,Fly low and slow; in the Beaver(Old Pilots Joke ) And thank for the hello,via my son Mike.

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