Spring Skiing at Last


It’s June 4th and Crystal Mountain has finally delivered warm sun and corn snow to Northwest skiers and riders. While the snowpack at the

June 4th skiers on Middle Ferk's

base area has begun to shrink, up at the summit the snow is still mid-winter condition. Today, you could sit in one of the new “green chairs” overlooking Mt. Rainier or just buzz down Middle Ferk’s in shorts and a reverse ball cap.

As Ross Gregg put it, “there was good energy on the mountain today.” Even with a long gondola line to start off the morning, moods were high and laughs were easy. Conditions were

superb on Sunnyside at about 11am. This is spring skiing at its best–the snow softened quickly and maintained a perfect springy forgiveness well into the early afternoon. Then it was time for beers and live music on the patio.

View from the Green Chairs

Not a bad day at all. Looks like tomorrow will be another 5 star day. Hope to see you up there.

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  1. Oh my gosh- how gorgeous is that!? It makes me so bummed. I only got to ski like 3 times this past winter in CO. Talk about bluebird. Have fun for me tomorrow!

  2. Boarding in board shorts was great. Just wish I had remembered that the sun packs a powerful punch up there. I’m burnt to a crisp. Great day, great snow, and the best view all year. What a day!

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