Learning to Surf


On the beach at Cedro's, Montezuma, Costa Rica

I want to send a shoutout to booktrib.com for including my post “Finding the Pocket” on their Author-ity page. Learning to surf might not be easy for a couple of ski industry professionals like me and John, but it’s worth every stroke. Check out the post here.

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  1. Awesome! And awesome post yesterday. You just capture so much in your sparkling prose. Makes me want to go back to Costa Rica and try surfing instead of the boogie board stuff I did. Actually…there is the kayak surfing scene here in the NW – now THAT’s a challenge. Ever heard of the Surf Rangers? Check them out. Enjoy the sunshine!

    • I’ve spent some time in the surf in my whitewater kayak. The paddle makes it much easier to catch waves, and it’s fun, too. But yes, very challenging! I’ll check out Surf Rangers. Where are they located?

      • Kim, just Google the Surf Rangers – a few years ago it was an unofficial group of hard core sea kayakers who surfed in their sea kayaks off the coastline near places like LaPush. They’ve been written up in Sea Kayaker mag. Not sure if they overlap with whitewater scene/folks.

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