I first started slacklining several years ago when I worked for Outward Bound. A great balance exercise, it quickly became an obsession. I learned to got up, balance and take a few steps. Now ten years later, I can still do just that: get up and take a few steps.

Last summer I worked up to walking the line, turning and starting back. This summer I hope to take it to a new level. My goal: hula hoop on the slackline. Too ambitious? Perhaps. But a girl needs a goal.

Here’s a video for inspiration. Highlining is a fringe sliver of slacklining conducted at extreme heights. I don’t plan on ever doing that. But it’s beautiful to look at. I especially like scene of the sun setting behind the guy balancing on the slackline.

Epic Trip Trailer 1 from Damian Czermak on Vimeo.

I’ve set up a slackline in our front yard on the only stretch of flat ground. I’m promising

My frontyard slackline

myself that I’ll practice at least 15 minutes a day. On the how-to instructions that come with the kit, it says to practice for at least 15 minutes at a time. Anything less will just frustrate you. I like that. Since I already work in 15 minute intervals, I can do this.

What about you? What scares you and challenges you, but you do it anyway? What goals are you working on?

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  1. Dirt Jumping my BMX. I just got into it this summer. It’s scary as hell, especially when you’re starting something at 30 that most start at 10. But, it’s also super fun, and I am loving it! My goal is to get comfortable with some basic tricks and not break myself during non-snowboarding season. This slacklining thing you’re doing looks interesting and good for balance. It also looks extremely difficult.

  2. The responsibility that goes with publishing my book scares me. Deadlines, perfection, judgement by other people, failing all scare me, but I’m working toward it anyway and trying to just take each day as it comes.

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