Attending a Writer’s Conference


Bridgid Gallagher, over at Inky Fresh Press, asked me to guest post about Writer’s Conferences. Since I met my agent and editor at the PNWA Conference last summer, I told Bridgid I’d be thrilled to share my story.

Attending a writer’s con can be more intimidating than skiing a double-black diamond run. When talking to Lorraine Wilde, a fellow writer last year at a conference, she asked me what was scariest act I could imagine doing. She probably expected me to say something like base jumping, or free climbing El Cap. Instead, I said “stand-up comedy.” I’ve never been very awesome at making other people laugh. Not on purpose anyway. Little did I know Lorraine participates in an improv group. Now, this summer at PNWA Lorraine and I are leading a talk on using improv skills in pitching to agents and editors. And guess what I have to do to prepare? Take her improv class.

Writer’s cons can be double-black diamond endeavors even for those that already have a book deal. My post over at Inky Fresh Press offers some tips for getting through it unscathed. Click here to check it out.

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  1. I had no idea that you’d be speaking at this year’s PNWA conference! That’s so great, Kim, even if it is terrifying. πŸ™‚ (Surviving scary stuff is supposed to be a good thing, right?)

    Thanks for guest blogging on Inky Fresh Press!

    • Bridgid,
      Thanks for having me over at Inky Fresh Press. Yes, I suppose terrifying is good. I always tell myself that when I’m doing something scary. Fear is good. It keeps us alive. I’m sure you’ve told yourself that a time or two while rock climbing. I know I have.

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