Weather Forecast


I have to admit something. I was hoping to wake up this morning to a blue-crisp sky, a sheen of crust across the snow on my driveway, and a promise of spring skiing. The forecast is calling for sun and temps in the 40s up here at Crystal. Tomorrow looks even warmer. Can you say short sleeves and ball caps with 54 degrees predicted.

But that’s not what I saw out my apartment window. (Just for the record there’s only ONE window that I can currently see the sky out of, and that’s the laundry room window. Everything else is covered in snow. It’s beginning to feel like a cave in here.)

Instead of clear skies, we’ve got a layer of fog. Little flakes of snow are falling. Satellite images show a bank of clouds moving to the east with clearing behind. My fingers are crossed.

Notice the splotchy clouds to the west of the thick layer. That's our partly sunny day headed this way.

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  1. I know what you mean, Kim. It looks like we are collecting all those clouds out here in North Bend. I hope it clears up later, since it’s the last weekend for Alpy, and a bluebird day of skiing would be nice. Keeping my fingers crossed, too!

  2. Kim
    Snow showers were forecast for yesterday (Friday) at Meadows, but it was blue ski and sun all day. Just 1.5 miles away to the west at TL it was cloudy and snowy all day. I predict the sun will come out and shine on you and yours!

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