A season of firsts



Crystal Mountain saw many firsts this year: first year with the gondola, first year to reach our max snowpack in April (usually we peak in March and begin the inexorable melt back towards dirt), first season of year-round operations.

•Currently our snow depth is 116″ in the base, which is the highest it has been all season

•The ski patrol has done avalanche control 55 days and counting (our average is about 35 days of full avalanche days per season).

•We have detonated 3200 explosives this season.

•Three new slide paths have been ripped open.

•The weather plot at the bottom of chair 6 is reading 196″.

•Over 550″ of snow has fallen so far.

• The snow pack is so deep that riders on chair 6 have to keep their tips up.

Fortunately, all these remarkable stats are still climbing as the 2010-2011 season isn’t over yet. There’s more snow up here than I’ve seen in years. So bring on the post-season, more ski days, more gondola rides, more fun.

You people are amazing. Thanks for commenting.

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