Another big avalanche today




Niagra’s went big today, within a hundred yards of my house. This is getting ridiculous! Patrol is now evacuating employee housing  for another exclusive mission. I’ve never seen anything like this.

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  1. Thanks for working so hard to keep Crystal safe. I hope it reminds everyone of the power of snow. It looks so peaceful, light, fluffy, but when unstable, quite a force of nature.

    • Most of these slides (except the first one under Rock Face) have all been started with large explosives. The real problem is that the snowpack just below the fresh snow on top is isothermal and ready to slide. Anything steep can go big. We still have weak layers in the pack and the recent warm only added stress without allowing the snowpack to strengthen. These have also been seen at relatively the same elevation. So far the higher elevations such as Powder Bowl have not slid. However, that can change. Keep an eye on the NWAC avalanche forecast!

  2. Kim

    We were at Meadows today and it was clear that they had had another major avalanche into Heather Canyon. The patrol said it slid naturally sometime between 8:30 AM and 3PM Wednesday. It was massive with a fracture face between 15 to 20 feet high and stretching over 1000 feet long at about the 9000 ft. level under Steel Cliffs on Hood. The fracture line was very visible from the parking lot–check the Meadows blog for more info and pics.


  3. Hi Again,
    Do you connect this blog to your FB page or is only via email? I am an Alpental hardcore and like to keep track of other local areas, especially Crystal.
    Thank you!

    • I’m connected on FB and you can also check the contact me link for my email address. This blog focuses mainly on my everyday musings, which usually take place somewhere in the mountains–most often Crystal. I also post at the Crystal Patrol Blog, but that platform needs a little more tweaking. We are looking at changing our server to better play video and use photos, so stay tuned.

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