Bluebird Day


Skiing today on a rare day off, I felt just like Judy Nagel in the video from Crystal Mountain in 1985. Before me was untouched powder, behind me the sun rose, casting my shadow onto the slope, and I followed it down. I love following my shadow into powder. It was glorious.

Sunrise on Mt. Rainier

John and I started the day off with First Tracks Breakfast at the Summit House, and what a morning it was. As the sun rose, burnishing Mt. Rainier into a deeper patina, and the fresh snow crystals caught the light like a million tiny diamonds, I knew it would be a good day.

As the Gondola whisked guests

First Tracks Breakfast Crystal Mountain Gondola

to the summit, the sun rose above the clouds in all its splendor. It was certainly the best first tracks conditions of the season. When the patrol finally released the group to ski in Green Valley, they practically raced out of the building, leaving full plates and cups of coffee on their tables. I guess, there’s no breakfast on a powder day, either.


Scott Bowen Loves His Job


Later, when Northway opened, I caught early tracks with John and Scott. You have got to love a ski area where the General Manager and Mountain Manager can ski like this.


Skiing is in John Kircher's DNA


If you ever wonder what makes Crystal so great, it’s this. These guys love to ski just as much as we all do, and they work hard to make Crystal the best skiing in the PNW.

Of course, I’m a little biased. But still.

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  1. Very nice post–you and yours deserved a treat on Saturday, now I hope we can have just as nice a day at TL on Sunday.

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