Search for Missing Skier Waiting for Snowmelt


Once about 20 inches of snow melts at Crystal Mountain, Ski Patrol¬†Director,¬†Paul Baugher, hopes to reinvigorate the search for Paul Melby. Enough snow has fallen since last Tuesday, when Melby disappeared, that the chances of finding him are slim until some snow melts. While searchers–both volunteers and patrollers–continue to scour the mountain, the all-out search of last week has tapered down due to the challenging conditions.

We fear that Melby fell into a tree well–the bottomless space created around tree trunks under deep snow conditions–and that he is impossible to see from the surface.

Yesterday, my step-son, Andrew, helped a father and son who had fallen into a tree well at Crystal. While riding the Chinook Express, Andrew saw a skier calling for help near the top of the lift. When Andrew arrived, the skier pointed towards a tree saying that two people had fallen in.

Andrew could not see any sign of the two skiers until he took off his own skis and approached the tree. Nearly ten feet down, a boy and his father–who had dove in after his five year-old son when he skied right into the tree and fell through the airy snow surrounding it–struggled to extract themselves.

The father handed his son up to Andrew, who reached into the tree well to pull him out. The boy, while frightened and crying, was otherwise unhurt. Here’s the part of the story that truly drives it home: even with Andrew on the surface tamping down the snow, even while he was uninjured and fully conscious, the man could not pull himself out of the tree well. Andrew handed him a ski pole, and he still couldn’t extricate himself. Not until Andrew reached down and yanked the man out–pulling with all this strength–was the man able to finally reach the surface.

This was a near miss. Fortunately for the five year-old, his father had seen him fall into the tree well, and equally fortuitous was that Andrew saw the situation from the chairlift and could pull them both out.

The weather forecast is calling for some warmer temperatures next week, and once the heavy snow of the past several days settles out, the all-out search for Paul Melby will continue. For those still interested in searching, check in with ski patrol, who can assign you to a specific area.

All of the most-likely locations have been thoroughly searched and most of the less-likely as well. It is unlikely that Melby ventured out of bounds or under a rope line. He is an expert skier, capable of skiing anywhere on the mountain. He was last seen in Rabbit Ears Chute under High Campbell Chairlift.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Melby and his family. Thanks to everyone who continues to search and hold out hope for our good friend.

For more information about tree wells visit

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  1. Moving story, Kim. Thank God Andrew was where he was when he was and could save two lives. Thank you for sharing this. Let’s hope it lodges with skiers/boarders. Say strong, stay vigilant.

  2. Kim,

    thanks for writing this – a great reminder for everyone who enjoys the mountains. The disappearance of Mr. Melby is such a sad circumstance. My condolences to his family, but also to everyone involved in the search efforts. Thanks for doing what you do Kim, everyone appreciates it.

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