Update on the Search for Paul Melby


Paul Melby has still not been found. Anyone available to search tomorrow, Friday, check in with the Crystal Mountain ski patrol in the morning. Melby’s family still holds out hope, and I am keeping them in my prayers. Thanks to everyone that has offered support and help during this ordeal.

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  1. I don’t know how to ski but I would love to help. Is there anything my girlfriend and I can do? Melby is one hell of a guy. He’s one of my dive instructors…….

  2. Hi Kim,
    Paul is a friend since Kindergarten and has many friends praying for him and his searchers.
    Is there anything non-skiers can do at this point?
    Thanks for being there for Paul.

    • Patrick,
      Thanks for the response. The best thing to do is to get the message out there for your skiing friends. Put it out there on FB and Twitter to join in the search tomorrow. All the best.

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