It’s snowing at Crystal Mountain! Riding the chairlift, you often hear people say “you should have been here yesterday.” I like to think that any day on the slopes can bring that certain type of mountain transcendence we all crave.

I just wish I didn’t have to miss a powder day. My husband and I are on a brief vacation to Whistler, checking the weather and wondering why the snow couldn’t creep up north just a little more. As I read the telemetry, and see that Crystal has picked up almost two feet of snow since we left on Monday, I have to admit I’m a little jealous.

But as I look out my hotel window at the Whistler Village, the gondolas are spinning, and foreigners are queuing up for the lifts, I have to remember that any day on the slopes is great.

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  1. Honestly, I hope it doesn’t snow anymore this season where I’m at. In the South, we like warm weather. This cold stuff’s go to go! Lol. I do actually like the snow. It’s really pretty, especially this year. It packed in really tight, but then it froze over and you couldn’t make snowmen anymore. I’m ready for Spring weather, though.

    • I hear you. When I talk about snow, I mean in the mountains. For us in the ski world, fresh snow covers over all of yesterday’s turns and jibes, filling in all the work-hardened snow and making it new again. Fresh snow means a new chance, another day to dive through the deep forgiveness of snow. But in the South, without snow plows and sanding trucks, the first light of snow quickly dims to the ash-colored dust lining the streets.

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