Bluebird Day at Crystal


This morning while walking up to the base of Crystal from my house, kicking my boots through 6 inches of fresh snow, I looked up to notice the stars. I was amazed. Up early for avalanche control in Southback, I knew it would be a good day. Fresh snow and clear skies mean only one thing: bluebird.

I arrived at the patrol room in the dark, peered in through the window to see Chris talking to the forecasters at NWAC.

Teams headed up Chair 6 first thing in the morning while the sun rose behind us.

Casting the snow in a brilliant orange, we punched our shots at the top while the sun rose above the clouds.




Several teams hiked up the throne and out to the King. Shannon and I worked on Silver Basin, starting at the top of the King and working to Three Way. The chutes were smooth and filled with beautiful snow. Even the cornices weren’t too built up, letting us enjoy the towering views of Rainier to the west and the undulating light on the snow. It was glorious.

Yes, today was bluebird–fresh snow, blue skies, the sun warming my face as I rode up the chair.

Days like this make you want to soar. I suppose I’m not the only one who feels like flying.

You people are amazing. Thanks for commenting.

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