John Denver Skis and Sings


This is a real find. Like opening up a dusty old box in the attic and finding a pair of vintage ISKI sunglasses, this video of John Denver singing and skiing is awesome. When I was a kid, I wore my favorite t-shirt with pride–a smiling silk-screened John Denver standing in front of the Rocky Mountains. I didn’t know what a Rocky Mountain High was, but I wanted one.


I love the one piece suits in this video. And did you check out the gap jumping near the end? These guys were ahead of their time! Granted the ballet skiing is a little dated, but John’s glasses? Well, those I would give my K2 MissBehaveds for.

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  1. darn! Looks like Canucks aren’t allowed to watch this vid. I would LOVE to see retro JD singing his way down a mountain!
    “I didn’t know what a rocky mountain high was but I wanted one” that is an AWESOME line!

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