A Toyota Eulogy


For as long as I can remember, I’ve owned a Toyota Tacoma. The most ubiquitous of mountain trucks, the Tacoma outnumbers any other in the parking lots at Crystal. I suspect this is true throughout the ski area universe–that two-to-one, more ski bums drive/live in Tacomas than any other truck.

And why not? Tacomas are rugged and good looking. Add a cap on the back and you can camp in there on snowy nights, assuring both a good parking spot and a spot in line for first chair. The back window is a perfect place to declare your loyalties. The bed is a great place to make your home. I once spent three summers in the back of my Tacoma. A neighbor helped me build a sleeping and storage system complete with hidden drawers and plastic bins that slid under the bed at exactly the right height.

So when my husband told me he wanted to sell the Tacoma, I paused. Sell the Tacoma? Certainly the Extra Cab is no longer adequate for our growing family (John’s kids, aged 9 and 18, will soon be living with us). But Toyota makes the Double Cab, a four door version that could easily accommodate the family.

However, John grew up in Michigan, land of the American Made Car. He’s always driven a Chevy Truck. Since he could remember. When we met he sold his Chevy for a Tacoma, thinking, perhaps that a happy wife is a happy life.

But I’m an evolved person. Based on circumstances and need, I can change. When John bought a Chevy Silverado, I didn’t complain. It’s roomier, more comfortable, and it has heated seats. But most of all, one selling point tipped me over the edge: remote start. Let me just repeat that. Remote Start. So when it’s cold outside, and we want to warm up the truck, all we have to do is press a button. Remote Start ladies and gentlemen. Remote Start.


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