Sled Dog Massacre


This is ugly. Outdoor Adventures Whistler, a dogsled company, has been charged with inhumanely “slaughtering” 100 dogs after tourism slowed after the 2010 Olympics. Some dogs were shot multiple times, some while trying to escape. Others had their throats slit before being deposited in a mass grave. Outdoor Adventures is pointing the finger at Howling Dogs Tours Whistler, claiming that it was the latter company responsible for the deaths. Check out these news stories for details.

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  1. We had a case like this in Alaska once, and I spent weeks covering it. It never ceases to amaze me that the people who carry out these kinds of slaughters can let it get so far and still seem dazed and confused that someone thinks they’re the bad guys. I want to know what possessed the employee to keep shooting after the initial chaos. I also want to know if his employer prescribed the method of killing and then threatened his job if he didn’t carry it out? It all sounds so sloppy, irresponsible, and cruel, it’s flipping unbelievable.

    • Cara,
      I agree. I, too, have to wonder about the employee that carried out the slaughter. One would think that an employee at a dog sled business would be there because he or she loved dogs. Rescue shelters would have welcomed these dogs. Who wouldn’t want a well-trained working dog in their lives? During the Olympics, Cypress Mountain, one of the ski areas our family manages, hosted several events. It was a wonderful experience. I am saddened that such greedy intentions could have been sparked during what was truly an inspiring experience. When I saw heroic feats and inspiring performances, others saw dollar signs.

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