Winter Storm Watch in the Cascades


(This post has been updated.  See below.)
The National Weather Service is predicting a big storm to hit the Cascades Tuesday night.  Forecasters are calling for 4-6 FEET of snow to fall in a 48 hour period.  It seems farfetched, but keep your eyes on the weather.  It could be epic.

Several years ago, 60 inches of snow fell in a 24 hour period.  We still refer to that storm as the 60 Incher.  It was back before fat skis; Green Valley looked like a still photograph with people pointed straight down the slope, frozen in place. 

Of course, with this amazing storm galloping towards us, John and I decided to take a vacation.  The holidays are over, the gondola is up and running and we’ve both been working non-stop since November.  A few days in the sun seemed like a good idea. 

But we might just miss the biggest storm of the season.  At least I won’t have to track it from afar since my computer was stolen out of my car yesterday while at a meeting in Southcenter Mall (bastards!). 

So if you go up into the mountains this week, be safe and remember not to inhale too much snow.  Tuck your chin into your collar, wipe your goggles and enjoy the euphoria.  I know what I said earlier about fat skis.  I take it back.  If it snows 6 feet, bring your Pontoons.  You’re going to need them.   

Oh yeah.  And don’t save any for us.

Update: As of Tuesday morning, the forecast center is now calling for a warm up later in the week.  It is still supposed to dump tomorrow, but by Thursday it will be warm and still wet. Tomorrow will certainly be the better day, for obvious reasons.  Also note that with a significant warm up on top of cold, dryer snow, the avalanche hazard will greatly increase. Check the NWAC forecast before heading out-of-bounds.  

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