Sunset Sweep


After a day of cold east winds and hovering fog, the sun finally poked through at Crystal Mountain yesterday afternoon.  This morning, it looks like the sun is sticking around.  I love these cold, sunny days.  Here are a few photos:

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous. Actually, when I viewed this post in Google Reader, the pictures were side-by-side, and it looked much cooler having them line up like that, but they’re all still very beautiful. I only wish I could produce photography that clear and vivid.

    • Lauren,
      I played around with it for a while, but to line all the photos up, I’d have to a) make them smaller and b) be more of a computer whiz than I am. Otherwise, I kept losing one of the three. The funny thing is I took these pictures with my phone. Amazing the photo quality coming from my Blackberry. Thanks for the comment!

  2. These are gorgeous, Kim. The middle photo is my favorite. I love watching the sky change wherever I go. I used to be caught up in what was happening on the ground as the measure of the beauty of a place. But the sky can be beautiful anywhere and everywhere. Add snow, and it can seem as if sky and ground begin to trade places, or become one. You’re a lovely photographer. I only wish these were bigger!

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