A Week of Ski Patrol Training


I had hoped this season that ski patrol training would be cancelled.  Not that I don’t enjoy it.  I had just hoped that the ski season would have started by now, and the training would have happened on the job.  But no amount of staring at the forecast, refreshing the GFS models, reading the dark specks of coffee grounds left over in my cup of morning Joe, have made any difference.  And I have to admit, as I enjoyed a short break in the balmy sun, the weather was nice.  

A large chinook helicopter carried the gondola towers into place this week.  The crew on the ground appreciated the warm conditions, even if the rest of us dreamed of snow.  It was quite remarkable to watch the large helicopter lift those ungainly towers into place.  Imagine a train car flying into the air with a steel bridge beam dangling from it. 

The ZipRescue system shown here, will allow patrollers to evacuate the gondola cars in the event of an emergency.  While that’s pretty unlikely, I have to admit that zipping along the cable is fun, and like they say, “practice makes perfect”.  I for one, wouldn’t mind another session with those rescue trollies.

Now all that’s left is the waiting, which brings me back to the forecast models.  That and the coffee grounds.

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