Melissa Henninger–Outdoor Photography


A clear shout out goes to my friend and photographer, Melissa Henninger.  Last year I asked Melissa to come to my house to take some pictures of me.  I needed an “author photo”, you know, the one that would some day go on the back of a book jacket.  At the time, I was knee deep in rejection letters, and I needed to do something positive towards my goal of one day being a published author.

It was a beautiful fall day.  Sun light slanted across my yard in a fused, forgiving light.  I wore purple. 

Melissa snapped some photos, changed lenses a few times and snapped some more.  She sat me down on the porch, on the steps to the boathouse, on the lawn.  And somehow, even though I wasn’t sure these photos would ever see the light of day, let alone grace the cover of a book jacket, she made me feel like a million dollars.   

Melissa’s website boasts “Fun–Outdoor Photography”, and you know what?  She’s right.  It was fun. 

And now, it looks like that afternoon’s work is going to be put to use.  I still don’t want to release any of those details (no jinxing here), but I’ll just say that it looks like one of those photos will get a broader audience here pretty soon.

If you live near Seattle, check out Melissa’s website  And, if like me, you are in the midst of rejection and need a little boost, hire her to take pictures of you.  It worked for me.

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